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"Thank you so much for the lookbooks! SO SO helpful. The entire lookbooks have been my saving grace! I seriously live off of the lookboards you provided me! I've been working 12 hr days and to just be able to quickly pick an outfit has been priceless!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!"


- Kayla M., Costa Mesa, CA, Marketing Professional , Style Session was purchased as a gift from husband

“Christina is such a lifesaver!!! I’m an optometrist, mother of 2 young boys, and starting my own private practice soon and desperately needed help on my work wardrobe! I’ve been in a “mommy rut” for the past 2 years and wore the same color scheme to work everyday… black pants with a colored top…Even my husband was tired of seeing me in the same clothes everyday.


I am so glad I found Christina! She spent time with me at my house, looked at my closet to see what pieces we could work with, and then we made a list of things to purchase. She spent quality time with me while shopping and had really great ideas. I purchased so many great classic and timeless pieces for my work wardrobe that I’m so excited to show it off at my new practice! I use to love going shopping, but after becoming a mother, it’s been more like a chore. I prefer to just go into the store, get what I need, and then leave.


Christina made it so easy to look for the right pieces for my body type and so I think I now have changed my outlook on shopping!

The price she charges is SO REASONABLE for the amount of expertise that she provides. I personally think she should charge more than what she quotes because she’s just that good!


So if you are like me: In a “mommy rut”, want to look and feel great again in your clothes, or just need to be directed in the right direction, then hire Christina!


Thank you again Christina for helping me look and feel great!!!”


-Tracy P., Irvine, CA, Business Owner & Mom of 2

"Honestly, this is lifechanging. And so much fun! Thank you so much. Seriously, I said this before, but this is life-changing. I need to schedule you in the books for a Closet Audit now!"


- Anna C., Long Beach, CA, Attorney

“Christina is as professional as they come. I just relaxed at let her do her thing. Her take charge attitude and attention to detail allowed me to enjoy the process as she affirmatively honed the look she was developing for me that ended up fabulous, exactly on budget and finished on time as promised in her proposal. She is beautiful, upbeat, kind, compassionate and empathetic. A true joy to work with and I plan to do extensive wardrobe styling with her. Her most admirable quality is decisiveness in developing your look and she gets extremely excited when she puts it all together. You will look and feel your best. She is a 10+!!!!!”


-Eric R., Newport Beach, CA, Real Estate Developer



"I can't thank you enough for all of your help in getting my wardrobe up to speed and me ready for Aruba!! The entire experience with you was completely amazing. You are organized, talented and have such a wonderful personality. It was like shopping with a close friend. My lookbooks are awesome! I'm completely blown away by how you can look at photos of my clothes and put things together. Thank you! Incredibly helpful!!!!"


-Shelia K., Newport Beach, CA, Practitioner

“She responded quickly to the request. She made herself available to speak on the telephone and easy to set up a telephone appointment.


She listened to me describe my style, desires and concerns. She addressed my concerns and acknowledged my desires.

Upon arrival to my home she totally was kind, knowledgeable and professional. My wardrobe assessment was to the point, and she was considerate of my feelings. She complimented what I had that I could still use and showed me how to combine my items for the best look. She showed me photos of research she did prior to get arrival that could totally upscale my look.


We made a list of items I needed and set an appointment to go shopping.
I don’t like shopping, but with Christina we had fun, found some great items within my budget and I look great.

The best part is that I shared with Christina that I’m not your typical female wanting the pretty skirts and blouses. My style is mostly boy-ish and I wear jeans even in professional situations. I felt heard, accepted and honored that she wanted to help me achieve my fashion goal.


Christina totally was inclusive, kind, professional and real. I recommend her highly and look forward to working with her more in the future. If you want the best, who thinks in and out of the box then Christina is your girl!”


-Sunshine D., Long Beach, CA, Spiritual Living Coach & Author

“I did a closet reboot with Christina, and it was really helpful. I was at the point where I felt like I had tons of clothes, but I would just end up wearing the same things over and over again. Christina took a look at my wardrobe, and make lots of suggestions for new combinations (which she took pictures of, so I have them for my reference.) She made also suggestions for a few pieces to add to my wardrobe, and for the stores that are the best places to look. Overall a great experience!”


-Zeba W., Irvine, CA, College Professor

"I couldn't be more happy. I've decided to hire Christina in the near future to help me with casual dressing. She nailed it for my work attire. Reasonable pricing with the clothes. Was there for me every step of the way and I will be back. The best experience ever. She knows what she is doing and is very experienced in fashion and budget shopping. She goes above and beyond her service."


- Nicole Z., Tustin, CA, Corporate Manager & Mom of 2