About Us

Wardrobe Transformation, an Image Consulting Firm for Men & Women in Orange County, CA.

We help our clients create and communicate an authentic image that represents them professionally and personally. Our passion is to empower and inspire you to reach your goals and achieve your full potential one wardrobe at a time.

We equip you with the tools & techniques to enhance your casual wardrobe or elevate your visual poise, presence and develop a professional image in the workplace.

We genuinely understand the struggles people have with image development. It is why it is our greatest joy when we witness our clients regain their confidence when they experience our style transformation.

Our objective is to teach clients how to dress for success in their profession in order to have a more polished look and project a motivated image to their boss, clients, and family members.

The way a person presents themselves conveys much more than just having style but signifies care, attention to detail, pride and confidence. We truly believe investing in yourself will allow you to be the best person to yourself and to those around you. You are your own personal brand. Invest in YOU today.