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Organizing Your Closet.. The Right Way

If you're still using white plastic hangers from Target or metal hangers that were given to you by your cleaners, it's time to get rid of them. Let's give your closet a clean, organized look.

When we style our client's closets, we recommend using black velvet hangers. Their thin which allows more clothes to fit in your closet and the velvet texture helps the clothes stay on the hanger. We use black hangers because visually, they give your closet a clean, classy look from a distance. We've gone everywhere to purchase them and still to this day, the most inexpensive store is your local Homegoods or TJ Maxx- 25 for $9.99.

Another closet tip, count how many items you have in your closet and purchase that many hangers all at once. Invest the money to do it. Commit one day on the weekend to spend 2 hours to just get it done. Don't procrastinate.

For your boots, you want to purchase boot shapers to maintain the shape of your boots, you don't want your boots leaning over on the floor. We recommend purchasing the customizable boot holders which work just the same as the boot shapers. They are less expensive and you get more for your dollar. You could purchase them on Amazon or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Another recommendation that will help you tremendously is coordinating your pieces by color and sleeve length. We promise this method will help you so much when trying to find the right pieces to wear in the morning. Start with the color wheel colors. Personally, we like the bright colors to start at the beginning and whites and blacks to be at the end of the closet. Again, visually it helps with trying to find the right piece to wear in the morning, plus who likes digging through all the clothes when you're rushing to work in the am. Keep things simple and organized!


Your Wardrobe Transformation Team

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