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Custom - The New Wardrobe for Men

You can always tell when a man has on a tailored suit and a fitted custom shirt. It's well proportioned to his body and fits just right. Most men who grab a shirt off the department store rack do either two things: wear as is or take it to their local tailor. If he wears it as is, he might get lucky that it fits well.

Shirts of the rack will typically be too loose around the arms, there might be too much material on the back or too long on the sleeves. But when a gentleman gets his shirt fitted from a stylis, we measure him from head to toe. This ensures all areas of his body are measured so that when the shirt is made, it's perfect just for him. If he likes his shirts extra fitted, you can see the sculpture of his nice biceps and triceps and the sleek fit on his back and shoulders.

Make sure you invest in a good, quality suit. If you take care of it, it will last you a long time. Don't look at the price tag as a burden, look at it as an investment. Your clients and boss will take notice. Look like a boss, and you'll be a boss. That investment will help you climb to that rank. Lasting impressions are everything.

If you're in Orange County and would love to get fitted for a suit or custom shirt for free, contact us. We'll come directly to you. We'll put you in some of the finest Italian fabrics. We can assure you that a well-fitted shirt and suit will improve your confidence and change how you view your personal style.


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