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Menswear Stylist

Do you purchase shirts and suits off-the-rack only to discover you still have to take it to your local tailor to eliminate the excess in fabric around the waist and arms?


Luxury menswear, J.Hilburn is revolutionizing the way men shop. We don’t sell through traditional retail stores. We sell directly to you. By cutting out the middle man (shopping malls) we offer custom shirts and suits, and ready-to-wear clothing at unbelievable prices. But the best part, we come to you! We come to the comfort of your office or home.


Our garments are made with the finest fabrics from the most well respected mills in the world, and are crafted using the same standards demanded by top designers. J.Hilburn clothes will fit you better than anything you can find in a store because they’re created just for you!


Schedule your private appointment today so we can help you dress confidently for every occasion-without breaking the bank!

The Style Process:

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